Today is 05/21/18

Welcome to the CROWFOX.CO Website.

Update: 10/03/2016
Website will be taking a shift to be a more personal webpage.

Update: 07/26/2015
The TSMRobot application is work in progress. Essentially what it is going to be is a reporting/ alerting tool that runs from a central point, collects information similar to the daily health check script, stores it in a MySQL DB repository, and allows for reporting and dashboard functionality. Look for future updates on this. The access to this tool is restricted. It will require being run on a LAMP server but the overhead when compared to some of the commercially available packages will be significantly less.

Update: 07/24/2015
The projects page is being constructed. It will eventually have the correct CSS code in place to present a horizontal menu with a link to each project. Projects currently include the TSM Health Check Script, TSM LM based DRM vaulting package, TSM tape path define/ update script, and TSM client optionset editor. There will be a future script added called TSM Daily Houskeeping Analysis Tool. This tool wil analyze the summary table and make an evaluation of the TSM backend admin schedules/ scripts to determine if there are any issues like process overlap, sequence, etc. The key purpose of this script is to ensure that a DR would be successful and as close to matching the RPO as possible.

Update: 07/21/2015
The resume section is complete. Work has started on the projects section starting with the TSM Daily Health Check overview. Apache security will be used temporarily for the restricted section of the site until the MySQL DB and PHP is put in place to track user accounts and permissions.

Update: 07/19/2015
Currently under construction. There are a number of components that are still being configured, programmed and implemented. This server is not on a Web host. It is a LAMP server in my home office network. The intention is to have it showcase some of the work I have done over the past several years. The resume section is complete. The projects section is currently being worked but will provide more detail on what the scripts I have designed do and their output.